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Have you ever been playing a Roguelike and wished you were dragging a long tail behind you? 
Well have you ever been playing Snake and wished it had more monsters and combat and procedurally generated dungeons to explore?
       Me neither.
Welcome to the world of Snakelike!


The youngest wizard ever to ascend to the title of Grand Wizard, your place in The Wizards’ Spellbook of Magical Records was all but assured. On the eve of your coronation, your longtime rival, Lin Froblervine did the unthinkable and cast the uncastable: the Spell of Permanent Polymorph. At once your dreams were dashed, your appendages vanished. You had been rendered snakelike. With no hand to wield a wand, and no human tongue with which to recite a spell, you were powerless to reverse the effect.

But a sliver of hope yet remains. Long ago, while working your summer internship at the Hidden Library of Secret Texts, you came across a book which described the existence of a cave, far removed from civilization, a cave filled with wondrous monsters and lurking peril. It is rumored that deep within exists an ancient power that can restore True Form. It is here your journey begins and ends. How it ends is up to you.


  •   Arrow Keys or WASD to Move 
  •  Move into Enemies to Attack
  •  Eat Apples to Grow Longer
  • 'h' or 'esc' to Show Help Screen


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v 1.7.3

  • Bollgrrs will sometimes drop spikers
  • Spell animations fixed

v 1.7.2

  • HIgh Scores list slightly less hackable (thanks, Jovalent Studios)

v 1.7.1

  • Poison spread slowed
  • Punglette poison chance tweaked

v 1.7

  • Surround chests added
  • Oracles limited to one per floor
  • Visual tweaks to item stacking

v 1.6

  • New Help Screen added
  • Poison damage reduced
  • Oracle tips added to Game Over screen

v 1.5

  • Visual feedback when armor/spikers trigger
  • Poison Cloud spell area of effect increased
  • More animations and visual tweaks

v 1.4

  • Stone segments have a chance to drop an apple
  • Lots of visual tweaks
  • Heal spell bug fixed

v 1.3

  • Oracle NPC added
  • Strata that are visually and monstrously distinct
  • Surround bonus animation & tweaks
  • Snake head has a visible health bar

v 1.2

  •   Added a Spell Pattern System
  •  All monsters are now prone to snake-induced claustrophobia
  • Damage bonus for each segment surrounding a target
  • Globberpoos can no longer crit
  • Punglette herds are less common
  • Final level increased
  • Tips added to game over

v 1.1

  •   Added damage ranges and critical hits
  •  Armor now provides defense to your head allowing you to fend off attacks
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorPlacate The Cattin
Made withUnity
TagsRoguelike, snake
Average sessionA few seconds


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Why is poison so horrible? Every run I do, I eventually lose to poison :( One peck from a mosquito and your whole snake turns green and you're dead no matter what you do. It's too much.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. We've recently adjusted poison to make it spread more slowly. We've also made it far less likely that you'll get poisoned near your head. This should make it easier to swing around and bite off the afflicted section to prevent the poison from spreading: example.

Let us know what you think!

Love the concept!!

Hope this becomes a downloadable game

Cheers, Larry

Hi Larry,

We're excited to announce that we've launched a Kickstarter campaign for an expanded downloadable version! You can check out what we have planned, as well as all the rewards you can get for becoming a backer on our Kickstarter page.

Thanks for playing!

I use paypal only.  Kickstarter doesn't support paypal


Ah, that's unfortunate. We'll try to let you know when the game is released!

The Cattin

Hi Larry!

Just wanted to let you know Snakelike is now available for purchase on Steam.

Let us know what you think :)