Have you ever been playing a Roguelike and wished you were dragging a long tail behind you? 
Well have you ever been playing Snake and wished it had more monsters and combat and procedurally generated dungeons to explore?
Me neither.
Welcome to the world of SnakeLike!


After losing to you in the Annual Wizards' Conference Incantation Recitation Slam, your rival, Lin Froblervine turned you into a snake. Now you must delve deep underground in search of an ancient power which may hold the secret to restoring your humanity. Will you emerge victorious, or descend into madness?


  •   Arrow Keys or WASD to Move 
  •  Move into Enemies to Attack
  •  Eat Apples to Grow Longer


v 1.2

  •   Added a Spell Pattern System
  •  All monsters are now prone to snake-induced claustrophobia
  • Damage bonus for each segment surrounding a target
  • Globberpoos can no longer crit
  • Punglette herds are less common
  • Final level increased
  • Tips added to game over

v 1.1

  •   Added damage ranges and critical hits
  •  Armor now provides defense to your head allowing you to fend off attacks

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Published25 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorPlacate The Cattin
TagsRoguelike, snake
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